5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Staycation

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5 Ways to Have a Relaxing Staycation

May 31, 2020
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Staycations are a great way to relax and have fun, especially during this time. With a little creativity and planning, you can enjoy a unique vacation at home. Luxury homes in Henderson NV make staying at home even easier. Here are five ways to have a relaxing staycation.

 1. Prepare a Lavish Picnic 

 Grab a charming basket and your best gingham blanket. Then, pack up tasty finger foods like two or three kinds of cheese, crackers, fruits, and several bite-size pastries. Be sure to bring wine or your favorite sparkling cider and head to the backyard for an at-home picnic. If it’s just you and your beloved, then bring a book of poetry and take turns reciting it to one another. If your kids will be joining you, then set up a croquet or badminton game to play after eating. 

 2. Take a Break from Electronics 

 Take a vacation from your electronic devices. If you still need to keep an eye on work, then establish a short period each day to check-in. Spend your electronic break reading books or listening to music. Try meditating or practice gentle yoga. Play board games with your family, or just take time to visit and listen to one another. 

 3. Enjoy a Spa Experience 

 Transform your bathroom into a luxury spa with bath salts, hydrating facial masks, and eye pillows infused with essential oils. Trade facial or body massages with your significant other while sharing a bottle of wine or champagne. Light a few candles and listen to a soothing soundtrack while you soak your stress away in a deep tub filled with salts or bath oil. 

 4. Sleep and Sun 

 Enjoy a staycation that involves sunbathing in your backyard. Slather on the sunscreen and lay down a soft blanket. Then, allow yourself to enjoy an afternoon nap under the sun. Notice the heat on your skin and allow it to relax you into a state of peace. The best thing about relaxing in your backyard under the sun is that there’s no cost to you. 

 5. Have a Film Fest 

 Check your DVD library or streaming options for a fun themed film fest. Suggestions include spending an entire day or two watching your favorite romantic comedies, suspense thrillers, or disaster movies. Tearjerkers or Indie movies are other film fest recommendations. Have an ’80s movies fest or watch three or four of the cheesiest horror movies you can find. 

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