Benefits of Leaving the City for a Gated Community

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Benefits of Leaving the City for a Gated Community

Jun 23, 2021
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Homes for sale in Henderson Nevada include ones available in the gated MacDonald Highlands community. Not only is our community located above Las Vegas where you can enjoy incredible views of the city, but it also includes outdoor spaces so that you can spend time with Mother Nature. There are many benefits of leaving the city for a gated community. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to live in one.

1. Added Safety

When you decide to live in a gated community, you’ll appreciate the added safety. This type of community is closed off and guarded. Most gated communities have a fixed point of entry and exit. To keep residents safe, they are manned, or they feature electronic security measures.

With these added security features, only confirmed residents and guests are permitted entry. The safety gate will keep trespassers and thieves from violating your home and property. For even more safety, most gated communities invest in 24 hour a day and seven day a week surveillance as well as camera equipment.

2. Feel Closer to Your Neighbors

A great benefit of living in a gated community is that it’s easier to become closer to your neighbors. You’ll be a part of the same community. Also, gated communities often host events for the residents or hold festivals. Since these types of neighborhoods are controlled, it’s easy to trust your neighbors. Because many of our luxury homes include swimming pools and large backyards, you’ll enjoy entertaining your fellow community members, which makes it even easier to bond with them.

MacDonald Highlands community

3. More Privacy

When you decide to live in a gated community, you’ll have more privacy. Because the community is careful about who can come and go into the area, you’ll have more space to yourself. You can enjoy your daily life away from the outside world. This is the type of exclusive living that tempts celebrities and public figures to move to gated communities.

Another advantage of living in a gated community is that solicitors won’t be allowed to enter. This means that when your doorbell rings, you can open the door without being inundated with a sales pitch or a donation request. You’ll enjoy a greater sense of freedom.

4. Less Traffic

Luxury homes in gated communities come with the benefit of less traffic. Along with it being quieter, this feature can make you feel more comfortable if you are a parent. When you live in a busy city location with kids, you must be extra vigilant about letting them play outside. Living in a gated community means that you’ll be residing in a place that supports peace and quiet.

5. Higher Property Values

Purchasing a home in a gated community costs more, but it usually comes with the benefit of higher property values. The property values are even better when you purchase a home in a gated community developed by a trusted builder. This will help you sell your home more easily in the future.

MacDonald Highlands community

6. Gated Communities are Good for Families

One of the great things about living in a gated community is that they’re good for families with children. While single people and couples will enjoy the benefits of gated community living too, parents will appreciate the added safety and security that they provide. Parents with kids who like to explore may want to consider moving into a gated community. Also, these kinds of neighborhoods usually have playground areas as well as walking trails.

7. Extra Amenities

As a gated community resident, you’ll likely be living in an area that includes lifestyle amenities similar to the ones that you’ll enjoy when you visit a five-star resort. These kinds of amenities may consist of:

• Swimming pools

• Golf courses

• Fitness facilities

• Gaming courts

• Restaurants

Many gated communities install gaming courts for tennis, pickleball, basketball and volleyball. You may also have access to a club house and event center.

8. Eco-Friendly Community

Gated communities are often eco-friendly neighborhoods. The planners of these communities may design them in ways that are more environmentally friendly than traditional neighborhoods. They frequently include different technologies that conserve electricity and water. You’ll also appreciate that the common areas feature drought-resistant plants as well as sustainable materials.

Luxury homes in gated communities are usually constructed using eco-friendly materials. Also, neighbors often work together to maintain the area’s natural resources and keep their community healthy and clean. You’ll appreciate living among like-minded neighbors.

9. Modern Homes

Houses for sale Henderson NV that are located in gated communities are modern. They are likely to feature the latest technological advancements. Your new home may be wired to connect to your smartphone, allowing you to manage the lights, doors and security system remotely. You will also enjoy having a home with upgrades like infinity swimming pools, theater rooms and workout rooms.

MacDonald Highlands community

10. Consistent Upkeep

Gated communities hire managers to maintain the neighborhoods. You’ll love living in a community where the common spaces are well-maintained as well as the roadways and walking trails. Gated community managers will keep the streetlights operational, and they’ll also make sure that pet stations are stocked with poop bags so that dog owners can easily pick up after their furry family members.

Gated Communities Las Vegas

As a top master-planned 1,320-acre neighborhood, MacDonald Highlands has the luxurious amenities that homeowners love. These include a renowned golf course, club house and fitness center. Living here means that you’ll also enjoy incredible views of Las Vegas and its surroundings. To learn more about our community, reach out to us at (702) 614-9100.

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