Health Benefits of a Feng Shui Home

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Health Benefits of a Feng Shui Home

Aug 5, 2021
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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice, one that focuses on balancing a home with natural elements. The practice is thought to enhance a home’s living space, which includes luxury homes Las Vegas. When your interior space looks nice and flows well, you may feel happier. Are there health benefits of a feng shui home? According to science, there might be. Here are a few theories about the practice.

What is Feng Shui?

At its most basic level, feng shui is how people interact with their environment. A deeper definition of feng shui is that it directs you on how to control these interactions to obtain certain life improvements by managing or designing your living space to be in balance with the standards of the natural flow of energy.

The practice will give you direction on:

• Room planning during the building process

• How to place furniture

• Color

• Electronics

• How to include plants

• Bringing in sound

• Your home’s other natural elements

The goal of feng shui is to boost the flow of energy and harmony between people in a home and the home itself. When you’re building a custom home in Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to consider the practice of feng shui.

Feng shui features five elements. These are fire, earth, water, metal and wood. Fire is all about passion and energy while earth indicates strength and stability. Water helps with emotion, and wood invokes growth and creativity. Metal brings the different elements together.

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Eases Stress for Better Health

When you include the elements of feng shui in your home, you’ll be creating a safe sanctuary, one where your body and mind can rest. This may help your body’s limbic system reset. It may also balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

Stress causes your body to produce too much epinephrine, which is adrenaline. When your body produces more than it needs, your immune system may become weaker. Being in an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable can decrease chronic stress, resulting in an improved balance in your blood sugar levels and better immunity. It can also help you manage your depression and anxiety levels.

Pay attention to your artwork. Be sure to select pieces that are inspiring. Choose scenes that are peaceful or quotes that encourage you. When you come across an especially motivating image, hang it across from your bed. That way, you’ll be able to take it in before you begin your day, creating a good start to each day.

Consider houses for sale Henderson NV with feng shui elements. Homes designed under the feng shui guidelines may help you feel better physically and emotionally.

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Restores Calmness

Creating a calm home environment is good for your health. According to feng shui, a replica of Buddha can create the feeling of tranquility. Add a picture of Buddha or a Buddha statue to a main room in your home. Homes for sale in Henderson Nevada featuring a Buddha likely include other feng shui elements.

Aromatherapy is another feng shui practice that can bring calmness to your living space. Invest in an aromatherapy diffuser to purify, energize and calm your home.

Color is an important part of feng shui as well. To create calmness, tranquility and peace, use shades of blue. The hue also signifies the water element. Add your favorite shades of blue to any room of your home.

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Creates Order and Balance

When your living space is cluttered and chaotic, it can be harmful to your health. Feng shui will show you how to give your home order and balance. Take a stroll around your home and pay attention to the flow. Are you running into any furniture items or tripping over a rug? To create order and balance with feng shui, the air should be able to flow freely around your home.

Shift furniture away from the walls. Do this even if you only have enough room to move it a few inches. Also, place furniture items near one another to form a space where the air can move around them. Add window coverings that let you enjoy the natural light. In feng shui, natural light is critical, and it brings a great amount of energy with it.

Color also establishes order and balance within a home. According to feng shui, red signifies the fire element. It is the color of romance, courage and passion. When you include it in your home, you’ll inspire excitement and joy, which are good for your health.

Include green for health and growth. Green also represents the wood element. The shade nourishes your mind, body and soul. It creates balance in the home and the body.

Gray is another color that will help you create order and balance within your home. The color symbolizes neutrality and clarity. It also stands for the metal element in feng shui. If you’re building a custom home in Las Vegas, choose your colors carefully to include the elements of feng shui that you need the most for your health and happiness.

Feng Shui and Quantum Physics

According to research, quantum physics has a connection to human health. Quantum physics has taught us that energy and matter are the same. Every human system is always in motion. This means that all types of energy sources manage and maintain a human’s health and wellbeing.

Scientists have studied how small energy changes impact a human body as well as the environment. These assessments confirm the ways in which a home’s energy can impact those who live in it.

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Feng Shui as a Placebo

When you think of a placebo, it’s likely that you have a negative impression of it, but medicine uses placebos daily to help people. The human brain is powerful, and it has the ability to stimulate healing. If you believe that you will have a greater sense of calmness, peace and wellbeing when you add feng shui elements into your home, your brain will respond by making this a reality.

Additional Health Benefits

Feng shui also has a connection to sustainability because of how it brings nature into home design. It uses natural elements because they are non-toxic and include healing properties. Luxury homes Las Vegas designed under the guidance of feng shui include physics principles as well as Jewish ones. By focusing your home design using feng shui, you’ll be improving your emotional health.

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Hire a Feng Shui Expert

Houses for sale Henderson NV designed with feng shui elements are sure to appeal to buyers. If you want to bring feng shui into your home and are not quite sure how, hire an expert. He or she will help you place your items properly and in ways that will bring the properties of feng shui into your home.

When assessing a home, feng shui professionals often use a Bagua map. This item covers the different areas of most people’s lives such as health, fame, relationships and wealth. These life areas correspond to the different sections in a home. The Bagua map is used to help place items within your home.

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Homes for Sale in Henderson Nevada

Located above the Las Vegas strip, MacDonald Highlands is one of the city’s best master planned communities. It is a neighborhood where you can purchase an already completed home or build your custom dream home, one that includes the health benefits of feng shui. To learn more about MacDonald Highlands, contact us at (702)614-9100.

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