Choosing the Design for My Luxury Home in Las Vegas

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Choosing the Design for My Luxury Home in Las Vegas

Jun 17, 2019
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Looking to upgrade your home? At MacDonald Highlands, there are a variety of home designs that will allow you to pick your dream home. Whether you want stainless steel kitchen appliances, granite countertops, nook eating areas in your kitchen, or mature landscaping, MacDonald Highlands has variations to it all! Create your dream home today with MacDonald Highlands and pick the home that you have always wanted in this gorgeous gated community.

Different Designs to Fit Your Style!  

At MacDonald Highlands, taste varies! Each home is different in terms of its architectural design—both internal and external features. Some have several fireplaces, pools are a commonality, and of course, outdoor seating and room for activity are must-haves in our desert climate.

The trend here is that in each and every home, there is a mix and match type of feel. Traditional rules are thrown out the window and the end product is something like you have never seen before. Each home never fails to amaze as this approach has allowed us to design and sell some of the most beautiful homes in all of the Las Vegas valley.

Use it as inspiration!

The unique furniture and light fixtures are another aspect of these homes that provide an extremely unique way of looking at interior design of a home. Less use of carpets in the open rooms such as kitchen, family rooms, dining, and bathroom areas gives an extra “pop” in terms of colors used with the assortment of tiles in different homes.

Hold on! There’s something they all share!

In terms of similarities, each home has a breathtaking view of the valley and of the Las Vegas Strip which is only 15-20 miles away! This provides the perfect distance away from all of the activity surrounding the strip and giving you the chance to escape, relax and enjoy the beautiful view from your home.

Are You Looking to Upgrade?

With all of these features, the possibilities are endless! Get ready to have the experience of a lifetime in MacDonald Highlands and improve your living experience with these beautiful homes.

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