Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Dream Home This Spring

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Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Your Dream Home This Spring

May 10, 2019
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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is an old adage we can apply to many aspects of life. However, you can certainly judge a home by its front yard. This season, enjoy some time outdoors, becoming one with nature. Check out these spring landscaping ideas to bring some new life to your luxury home’s curb appeal.

Why It’s So Important to Have a Beautiful Landscape Outside Your Home

Whether strolling through the grass to DragonRidge Country Club or soaking up the sun on the patio, many outdoorsy people find comfort in our desert oasis splendor. To those playing out in the field, we suggest growing your own garden.

There fantastic reasons to start your own garden. Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables will taste better than anything you can buy at the store. Or if you prefer, the sight of a healthy, turgid garden brimming with bright flowers will heighten the beauty of your luxury real estate lot. Spending time in the sun is also a great mood booster!

Enhance Your Landscaping and Curb Appeal This Spring

If you’re thinking about earning your Green Thumb, check out these tips and spring landscaping ideas to start your own luxury garden:

Pick the prime gardening spot

If shopping for your Las Vegas luxury estate lot has taught you anything, it is all about location, location, location! The location of your garden is no different. Choose a location that’s prime for the plants, while also convenient for you. 

Plotting your garden high on a hill may allow more sunlight to your plants and look visually stunning, but you may find hiking up the hill unenjoyable. Plotting your garden right next to the backyard door may be convenient to you, but the soil and lack of sunlight may make the plants suffer.

Find a combination of the two for gardening success. Choose a spot that will allow the plants the perfect amount of sunlight, while also being on a pathway you cross every day. This will help remind you to check on your green friends’ growth.

Determine the most nutrient soil

When thinking of the best soil to grow plants, people with Green Thumbs know to stay away from the arid Las Vegas desert soil While it is possible to grow plants in the desert, the desert soil has characteristics that can be detrimental to some plants. The soil is dry, lacks minerals and natural organic compost, and is high in sand and salt.

Choose a soil that will nurture your plants in the same manner you will.

Lowered or raised garden?

When deciding on where you’ll place your garden, it may be helpful for first-time gardeners to use a raised garden bed. It will save you the hassle of digging out a plot and filling it with soil.  Another benefit of a raised garden bed is that it can limit the size of your garden and make tending more manageable.

Make it beautiful

The sight of blooming flowers or tomatoes the size of softballs will draw attention regardless of where it is located.  However, you do not want attention drawn to your garden because it is out of control, haphazard, or because someone stepped on it. The conventional benefits of designing your garden will allow you more control, which in turn will help your plant’s health.   

Hire a gardener

Let’s say you tried everything for your plants, but they still died on you. Or let’s say you started one, but circumstances do not allow you enough time to tend it. Save yourself from earning the title of neighborhood flortician, and let the professionals handle it.

Don’t think of it as accepting defeat. Rather think of it that you love your plants so much that you would provide only the best for them. That is, after all, what luxury living entails, even the smallest plant deserves that (except for weeds).

Spring Landscaping Ideas: Hyacinths and Hydrangeas

We’ve got an immense number of spring garden ideas for you, but amongst our favorite is choosing the right floral arrangement for your yard. Hydrangeas and hyacinths are beautiful flowers that will compliment each other in your garden. If you’re looking to update your luxury landscape designs, follow these tips for growing and caring for these bright florals.

Adding hyacinths to your home garden

Hyacinths release a delicious aroma through the air. Several flowers bloom from one bulb in a bell shape, making them excellent space fillers for small lots and those who were born without a green thumb.

Plant bulbs four inches deep in somewhat fertile, moderately depleted soil. Keep bulbs about three inches apart so they have room to root. Give bulbs a healthy drink of water when you’re satisfied with their placement. In our dry Las Vegas climate, you’ll want to protect your luxury landscaping by watering the bulbs just enough to keep them moist. Be careful not to water them too often, as these delicate flowers are susceptible to bulb rot and gray mold.

Add some depth to your front yard by mixing a few different colors of hyacinths in your garden. Don’t worry about too many colors looking excessive. Let’s be honest—what are spring garden parties without colorful, lush flowers greeting your guests?

Landscaping with hydrangeas

Your perfect spring garden party won’t be a hit without the old-fashion appeal hydrangeas bring. These elegant ladies grow on a large head, and they will make your yard the luxury landscaping design the envy of the neighborhood. We’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re pretty easy to care for.

These babes are flexible, so if you missed the autumn planting season, it’s not too late to plant them in spring. Like many ladies, they enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Provide them with moderately moist and rich soil and they will thrive. Hydrangeas are right at home in Las Vegas as they enjoy blooming in morning sunshine and afternoon shade.

Give hydrangeas three to 10 feet of space in between bulbs. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball but about three times as wide. Once you place the root, cover it with soil and water. Hydrangeas need lots of water in the Las Vegas heat.

Design Your Dream Home at MacDonald Highlands

The luxury mountain real estate in Las Vegas, NV that make up the Macdonald Highlands community was designed with careful thought and consideration. It was crafted to move in harmony and blend with the surrounding mountain environment.

The luxury mountain homes of MacDonald Highlands were built with equally as much care as the layout of the neighborhood while the 2,700-foot elevation provides views unlike any other in Nevada. The focus of the MacDonald Highlands community was to create a custom lifestyle where each home serves as an individual, unique piece of what makes the area beautiful. The large acreage of each lot provides privacy for each of the residents. In fact, MacDonald Highlands has the lowest density population than any other luxury home community in Las Vegas, NV.

MacDonald Highlands also boasts its magnificent 18-hole DragonRidge Golf Course. The difficulty of the course was influenced by the natural topography of the area. One million square feet of revegetated desert plant life surrounds the course as well. 

Our entire community covers 1,200 acres of the hillside is home to 800 homes when it can fit over 1,100. The community is guard-gated to ensure the safety of our residents. 

If you want to experience the grandeur of the MacDonald Highlands landscape and all its possibilities for your dream home, contact us today.

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