Preparing Your Landscape for Summer

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Preparing Your Landscape for Summer

Apr 21, 2017
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The days of a cool 75 degrees will soon convert to hot days of over 100 degrees. Flowers are blooming, and you’re worried they may be too delicate to withstand the extreme heat. Your soil is starting to dry up, and your plants are getting sun scorched. It has begun; the summer heat will be kissing your plants and some cannot handle the heat. Put your yard gloves and sun hat on, because you’re going to learn some summer landscape maintenance tips.

How to Care for Your Landscape in the Summer

If summer is dreadful for you, imagine how your home plants might feel if they’re not native to this desert landscape. Unless all the vegetation in your luxury home is xeriscape, you will have to prepare it for the heat wave that will come. Use these tips to prepare for the rising heat.

Remember to change your clock on your irrigation system

Now that the weather will be drying your ground more quickly, be sure to check your irrigation clock. Since the schedule in the winter involved less watering, you’ll have to change your irrigation clock. When you do this, your plants are getting more water. That way, they do not dry up in the desert heat. Excessive sun exposure for plants can be dangerous. You can also practice water conservation by changing your clock on the irrigation system to reflect the season.

Change out your annuals

Next, for summer landscape maintenance, remember to update your annual plants. Annuals have their names for a reason. It’s because they are meant to be changed annually. If you planted any annuals last spring, you are due for a plant swap. If you’re not interested in having to change out annuals every year, consider planting perennials.

Bring on the shade

If you have any plants that are sensitive to sunlight, remember to bring them to a shadier part of your yard. You should bring any partial shade vegetation underneath a patio, so the sun doesn’t bake them.

Follow the sun

Learn where the sun hits the most in your yard, so you can plan your planting accordingly. If you don’t consider the sun’s position, you might end up planting plants that might be harmed due to the sun exposure.

Ultimately save water

Living in the desert, a variety of plants require minimal water, which is good for water conservation and your wallet. Choose more plants that are drought tolerant to keep your water bill low. There are a variety of plants to choose from. So, you don’t have to just choose cacti.

Get Your Landscape Ready for Summer in Your Dream Luxury Home

The luxury homes at MacDonald Highlands have space for endless possibilities for landscape designs. Plant your dreams at MacDonald Highlands and discover how good it is to have a Life at The Top.

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