Tips for Designing a Luxurious Bedroom

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Tips for Designing a Luxurious Bedroom

Apr 17, 2020
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Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and find peace. It’s easy for bedrooms to become dumping grounds for laundry and random possessions that you never get around to putting away, but when this happens, it might cause you to feel anxious and tense. If this sounds like your bedrooms, here are a few tips for designing the luxurious bedroom that you deserve.

Keep the Floor Free of Debris

While we acknowledge that this tip is more along the lines of tidiness and organization, it’s essential to keep your bedroom floor free of debris. When your bedroom is cluttered, it will never look or feel luxurious. Consider how it feels to walk into a resort hotel room and bring this element into your bedroom at home. Remove clutter from the corners and laundry from the bed. Also, tuck away extension cords and smartphone recharging units.

Invest in Bedding

When you have quality bedding, you’ll likely sleep better. This is not a place to budget. In fact, if you intend to splurge on the one-bedroom thing, make it the bedding. Getting enough sleep is the best way to feel good throughout the day. Also, as people age, they tend to suffer from achy joints and back problems. If you can, purchase a premium mattress. Memory foam will give you that extra plush feels while beds that change softness levels are perfect for couples. Buy soft sheets and a warm comforter.

Purchase Quality Artwork

While you may not ask guests to tour your bedroom, consider buying quality artwork for you and your partner to enjoy. Turn your bedroom into a space that you want to spend time in by adding a painting or a picture that you love. Mount it over the bed where you can admire it every time that you enter the space. You may want to commission a unique piece from an online artist or have one create a painting from a beloved photograph for this modern luxury design element.

Add Voice Assistant Technology

Voice assistant technology does more than tell you the name of an artist who is playing a song that you like on a television program. Today, voice assistant technology can dim the bedroom lights for you, manage the volume of your playlist, and tell you what the weather report looks like before you get dressed in the morning. Voice assistant technology can even set your alarm at night and send messages throughout your home. You can use it to tell your husband that dinner is ready or to send your kids to bed.

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Add a bit more luxury to your home by focusing your design efforts on your bedroom. With quality bedding, a voice assistant to manage the lights and artwork that you love, your bedroom will become your happy place.

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