Best Landscaping For Modern Architecture

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Best Landscaping For Modern Architecture

Jan 17, 2020
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Modern home architecture is a revolutionary style that started popping up from the early to mid-20th century. It shifted away from traditional structures that were popular during those years. When modern home architecture appeared on the scene, it introduced home buyers to residences made from simple materials like steel, concrete, glass, and stucco. It also eliminated unnecessary details like dormer windows and carved pillars. While modern architecture features simple design elements, landscaping the exterior can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions.

Keep it Natural and Soft.

On its own, a plant doesn’t belong to any exact landscaping style. You can use most plants to create the exterior setting that appeals to you and blends well with the look of your home. Contemporary landscaping is generally on the natural and soft side, allowing you to use your favorite plants and greenery.

Keep it Modern

Modern landscaping generally exhibits clean lines and hard edges. It may display a minimalistic look. To keep your landscaping trendy, include the use of metal or boulders in the overall design. You may also want to think along the lines of less being more. Use a pale or monochromatic color pallet and select one to three different kinds of plants that you’ve arranged in straight line sections. When it comes to modern landscapes, professional designers tend to choose plants like ferns, boxwoods, and mountain laurels. Keep an eye out for simple plants with distinct forms. Work with what is already there and take steps to enhance it. Do this with subtle shape changes or by adding simple plants and greenery. You can include curved elements but keep them slight. Also, wood accents work well with the latest luxury design trends. We recommend including bright flowers, but make sure that they are contained by firm borders and planted strategically to enhance the modern elements of your luxurious Las Vegas home. Keep the less is more mindset.

Keep it concrete

In modern landscape designs, concrete is a popular material to use. Add concrete paths, steps, patios, and even planters. Concrete complements wood and metal. It is also easy to maintain. When you include concrete planters, you can display potted plants in well-ordered rows or in pairs that frame the front door or garage. The greenery will give your landscaping a touch of color while softening the hard edges of your home’s modern architecture. A simple grass lawn can be the bulk of the greenery that you use in contemporary landscaping, or you can use grass to accent concrete elements.

Luxury Las Vegas Homes

When building a custom home in Las Vegas, consider the landscape. For modern homes, the landscaping style is determined more by the garden’s shape and how you decide to arrange the plants and the hardscape materials. Less is more with this type of landscaping, as are austere elements like concrete and metal.

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