Finding an Interior Designer for Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

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Finding an Interior Designer for Your Luxury Real Estate Lot

Apr 5, 2017
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Picture this. You invite your friends over for brunch. You sit down with them and exchange pleasantries. Yes, that golf game was good. No, you didn’t much care for that instructor at Yoga yesterday. You suggest a round of mimosas. They all agree. You get up and go into the kitchen to grab the champagne and juice. Just as you are about to leave the kitchen, you hear them whispering, “It’s a nice house, but the dining room is so drab.”

The horror! Not only will your so-called friends’ invitations to your next summer barbecue “accidentally” go missing, but your dining room is drab. You’ve never been drab. Your spouse doesn’t think you’re drab, and that new Givenchy outfit you bought isn’t drab. It is tasteful, like your dining room.

At least you think it is… then again, you didn’t go to school for interior design. You wasted all that money getting a doctorate specializing in pediatric cardiology. And maybe it’s karma. You did say in your mind that you felt like you were traveling back in time when you stepped into your friend’s walk-in closet.

As you stand in the kitchen worrying about your drab dining room, your friends begin to wonder. Where are you? Where is the champagne, from the wine cellar you waxed poetics about? And why does that luxury real estate lot in Centennial have such a drab dining room?


At MacDonald Highlands, while we do offer the best in contemporary architecture and high-end real estate, sometimes decorating all that magnificence can be challenging. If your idea of adding life to the house is adding a ficus in the corner, call an interior designer immediately. They will take out all the guesswork and help paint your empty canvas of a house into a coordinated masterpiece.


Before running to the computer and calling up an interior designer, ask yourself what you want. Why is this room (or the whole house) not working? What do you want people to feel when they step into this room? What do you want to feel in the house? Do you want to them to feel comfortable and relaxed? Do you want to create an intimate, but engaging area? Do you want to remind people of something? What type of lifestyle are you trying to portray? You should consider all these questions and more before hiring someone and saying have at it. Look at photos and do some light research to figure out why this room works and the other doesn’t.


When you have some idea of what you want, call up the interior designer. A good interior designer is someone who articulates what you want a room to do by distilling your interests, desires and quirks and manifests it into a cohesive style. Or, they can at least help create an image or lifestyle you want to present to people. They should listen, but also be able to guide without being pushy.

When finding the right interior designer, always ask for references and ask to see their design portfolio. This will give you insight in how they visualize rooms and spaces. Additionally, the reference can give you insight in how they treat clients and their time. Don’t waste your time on an interior designer who is lazy or rude. And don’t hire one whose style is tasteless to you. Here’s a link on how to start your search.


Always communicate with your interior designer. No secrets. State exactly what the budget is. State exactly what you want. State exactly what you don’t want. Tell them what you are trying to portray to people. Include what you want to do in the room. Again: find multiple pictures online of what you like, or splice together the designs you like into your dream luxury real estate lot.

Remember, the interior designer is not designing the room for themselves. It is all about you. You’re the one who is going to be living in it, so don’t wait until the designer is long gone before you realize how much you detest Victorian or ultramodern designs.


Hiring an interior decorating can be a bit of a challenge, but it is possible. But before you embark on designing the interior of your home, you need to have one first. At MacDonald Highlands, we offer the best in contemporary architecture and Las Vegas luxury real estate lots. Contact us today for a tour and start making your dreams a reality, and leave the drab dining rooms in the past.

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