Glamour and Luxury Homes: The Five Most Iconic Homes in Las Vegas

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Glamour and Luxury Homes: The Five Most Iconic Homes in Las Vegas

Apr 18, 2017
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Las Vegas may only be known for the Strip for its icons. But have you ever heard of the iconic homes of the Las Vegas elite. These are and were the homes of executives and famous stars of Las Vegas and they definitely were a reflection of their personalities. If you’re visiting Las Vegas, make sure you include your favorite house in your sightseeing plans.

Five Iconic Homes of Las Vegas

Whether you have driven past them or seen them in your favorite movie, you’re sure to have heard of these historic homes of Las Vegas. Check out five homes in Las Vegas that are as iconic as the lights on the Las Vegas Strip. You may discover that some of them may be closer to your house than you thought.

Casa De Shenandoah

3310 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

With the artificial horses galloping on the corner of Pecos and Sunset, Casa de Shenandoah can only be the house of someone just as majestic. The owner, of course, was Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. Although there are large walls that block the view of the house from the street, you can take a tour of the house and purchase your tour ticket from the visitor center across from the property.

The Casino House

3515 Cochise Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89169

The next of our Las Vegas iconic homes is memorable and visited by all those who loved the 1995 Crime Drama, Casino. Located near the Las Vegas Golf Club on Desert Inn and Eastern, this house is a part of the Paradise Palms Estates. It’s known that Frank Rosenthal, the person the movie is based on, actually had his house in the Paradise Palms Estates as well.

The Liberace Mansion

4982 Shirley St, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Liberace was glitz and glamour personified, so it would only be appropriate for his house to reflect his style. Even if you pass by it when you’re near the UNLV area, you’ll know whose house that used to be. In 2016, the Liberace Mansion made history in Las Vegas as being the first to receive the Clark County Historical designation.

Hammargren Home of Nevada History

4318 Ridgecrest Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89121

When you drive down Sandhill Rd, you’ll drive past some average-looking homes. Then, you’ll see a large dinosaur sticking out into the street. The Hammargren Home is the house of Former Lt. Governor of Nevada and retired neurosurgeon, Lonnie Hammargren. Their home houses many historical Nevada memorabilia, including casino signs, Las Vegas memorabilia, and stage props. If you’re interested in actually walking around the house, visit their annual open house, which is the only time the house is open to the public. It occurs on Nevada Day weekend, which is usually the last weekend of October.

The Underground House

3970 Spencer St, Las Vegas, NV 89119

If you’re worried about a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear attack in the future, head over to the Underground House to stay alive. The two-story house on Spencer Street may look like your average house on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The basement was built 26 feet underground, and you can live up to one year in the underground house. The owner was Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson, who had a company that focused on underground home building. Jerry had a fear of nuclear attacks in the Cold War Era and built his home in the 1970s. Keep this address in mind if the zombies begin to rise!

Iconic Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

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