Luxury Design Tips for Your Baby’s Nursery

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Luxury Design Tips for Your Baby’s Nursery

Nov 2, 2020
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Any home project can be exciting, but few are as life-changing as when it’s time to decorate a nursery. Choosing décor for a nursery can seem like an intimidating task, but when you relax, you’re sure to have fun. Luxury design tips for your baby’s nursery range from investing in a quality crib to buying soft bedding. 

 Invest in a Quality Crib 

 While your baby’s crib is a temporary bed, it is one that he or she will sleep in for several years. Buy a quality crib to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe. Also, if you’re planning to have more than one child, a good crib will hold up for your later children. 

 Consider the Crib Bedding 

 A crucial modern luxury design feature for baby nurseries is the crib bedding. It will be the space’s showpiece, and it will help you define the theme or color palette. Purchase at least five or six fitted sheets. You’ll likely need to change them more than once a week. Select bedding that’s soft and 100% cotton. The material choice will keep your baby’s skin healthy and happy. 

 Additional Nursery Furniture 

 Your luxury nursery will need additional furniture pieces like a dresser and a changing table. These items will help you stay organized and give you a place to store everything that your baby needs. A changing table is handy because it gives you a convenient spot to change your baby’s diaper. It’s a good idea to get a changing table that you can repurpose into a bookcase or a shoe shelf when your kids get too big for you to use it to change them. 


 Babies require a lot of stuff. This means that you need places to put it. You’ll need bins for blankets, diapers, and shoes. You’ll also want shelves for things like books, lotions, and nail clippers. Hanging storage solutions are ideal because they are the perfect size for baby onesies and tiny clothing items like socks. Later, you can use this type of storage for toys and other random items. 

 Things for You 

 When you’re designing a nursery, don’t forget that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the space as well. Consider adding a comfortable rocking chair to use to soothe your baby as well as a small table and a bookcase. That way, you’ll have a place for drinks and to store a few of your books along with any other essential items like a camera or snacks. 

 Building a Custom Home in Las Vegas 

 You’ll want your baby’s nursery to reflect the upscale style of your home. The MacDonald Highlands community is a luxury neighborhood, a place you’ll be proud to call home. Call us for more information today.

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