Three Ways a Tight-Knit Community Enhances Overall Happiness

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Three Ways a Tight-Knit Community Enhances Overall Happiness

Jan 10, 2020
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Research shows that one of the biggest health threats for people as they age is isolation. Having close friends and staying social boosts a person’s quality of life both physically and mentally. According to one study, the cognitive abilities declined 70% more slowly in people with frequent social connections compared to individuals with little social contact. Living in a community makes creating social contacts easier and more enjoyable since you’re likely to have more in common. Here are three ways a tight-knit community enhances overall happiness.

 You’ll Feel More Secure. 

One way that a tight-knit community, like Macdonald Highlands, enhances overall happiness is by offering a greater sense of security. It’s comforting to know that you have friends and neighbors close by who would be willing to help you if needed. Along with looking out for each other, tight-knit communities generally experience less crime since community members are unlikely to commit them against one another. Your neighbors will keep an eye on your home, property, and family members. You’ll do the same for them.

 Strong Establishments 

A great thing about living in a tight-knit community is that these neighborhoods focus on spending time together by building community centers, parks, and even fitness facilities where residents can come together for wholesome, healthy activities. These kinds of communities usually have good schools and healthcare facilities, so if you’re still raising your kids and want them to have access to the best possible education, be sure to look for a home in a tight-knit community. Establishments in close communities are usually built to bring residents together, helping them raise happy, healthy children.

New Friendships Form. 

Technology and changes in communication are causing people to become more isolated. While many individuals have social media friends, these relationships don’t typically bring about real, meaningful social interactions. You’ll be happier if you live in a community where you have the opportunity to make real friends. When you move into a community where social interactions between neighbors are supported and fostered, you’ll no longer be stuck interacting with people just online and via text. Instead, you’ll enjoy face-to-face conversations, ones that help you form real friendships. When you form close bonds with people, your quality of life increases. You’ll have people who will laugh with you, cry with you, and share your life with you. Living in a tight-knit community where people care about each other may help you live longer and happier.

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