Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Estate

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Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Estate

Oct 21, 2020
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One of the biggest decorating challenges is choosing artwork for your walls. When you construct an estate home, you need décor that matches its luxury. To help, we’re sharing a few tips for selecting artwork for your estate. 

 It Doesn’t Have to Be Pricey 

 Modern luxury design doesn’t have to be expensive. To select the best artwork for your estate, look for pieces that make you feel something. Also, keep in mind that it is essential to choose art that complements the room you’ll be mounting in. The best art speaks to you and enhances a home’s theme and other décor. 

 Any Kind is Perfect 

 When you’re considering art for your luxury home, know that it doesn’t have to be an oil painting. Art like photographs, chalk pictures, and pencil drawings are all perfect for your estate. If you come across something that draws your attention and inspires you, it should be in your home. 

 Determine Your Style 

 The most crucial element to choosing art for your home is to determine what you like looking at. Art is often a major investment, so mull it over to figure out your style. You may have an eclectic one that embraces different kinds of artwork or one that likes things to match. Either is fine, but you may need to hire a design expert to help you put different styles together if that’s what you’re connecting to. 

 Work with a Theme 

 Going with a theme can help you select art that works together. When your home or a room has a theme, then you can create a nice flow. For theming, consider the mood or personality that you want to express. Start in your main living area and branch out from there. Choose one that complements your home’s current design. 

 It’s Okay to Go Big 

 Select a big art piece that makes a statement. Place it in a highly visible area of your home to present your personality and sense of style. A large painting, big sculpture, or supersized photograph will make a definite impression. Large art pieces draw you and everyone else into your space. 

 You can design a focal wall using a large piece of art or with several small pieces that blend together. Avoid adding a large piece to a room and then cluttering the space’s other walls with small pieces. Instead, select one big piece and add just a few other works that you can place in different areas of the same room. 

 Building a Custom Home in Las Vegas 

 The MacDonald Highlands community is a place where you can build a custom home in Las Vegas, a home that you can decorate with inspirational artwork. As a MacDonald Highlands resident, you’ll love the location since it offers you a view of the strip and the nearby mountains. Call us to learn more about our community today.

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