Strike a Pose: Four Photography Tips for Amateur Interior Designers

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Strike a Pose: Four Photography Tips for Amateur Interior Designers

May 8, 2017
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You just completed your first home interior design, and you are so proud of the work you’ve done. Now you want to take photos of your design work to place it in your portfolio, but you don’t know where to start. Interior architecture photography is crucial when displaying your design because this is the visual for your space. Most people can’t envision what your theme is without a visual of some form. Discover photography tips for amateur interior designers.

4 Photography Tips for Amateur Interior Designers

Create the perfect visual for your new interior design by taking the best photos from the best angles. From interior angles to the best time of day to take your photos, learn how to get photos as perfect as your interior design.

1. Use a tripod

While you can shoot your photos handheld, with a tripod, you have the chance to check the frame for any clutter or misplaced cables. It will create the composition in your shot before you take the photo and allow you a more steady shot.

2. Organize the space before the shoot

Prepare your space to look the way you want in your photo. If you want your interior to look cozy, add items that will make it look cozy, such as a coffee mug or food. This will show people what the interior will look like if it was being used.

3. Find your perfect angles

The angle of the shot is the main focus in interior architecture photography. If you want to show a staircase, consider shooting in a vertical angle, so the viewer can focus their eye on the magnificent staircase. You can also try to take the photo at various angles, so you can find the right angles that shows the most of your design.

4. Keep it simple

Try to find a focal point and remove any accessories that may take away from that focal point. Limit your accessories in the interior space, as it may overwhelm the room.

Take Interior Photos of Your Dream Luxury Home

The homes at MacDonald Highlands have great interiors for you to design, providing you with the opportunity to try out your interior photography skills. Get started with your Life at the Top.

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