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Architect to Know: Rick Joy

Jun 9, 2017
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Desert architecture has evolved so much since the pyramids of Egypt. In the southwestern part of the United States, some architects are defining the desert architecture style. A well-known architect among those who is known for desert architecture is Rick Joy. He’s a Tucson architect whose work can be noticed by the architectural features and materials he uses. Staying true to native building materials, his luxury desert homes have many elements that focus on showing the beauty of a desert landscape.

Get to Know Rick Joy

Rick Joy is a well-known architect in the southwest region of the United States. His luxury desert homes create a picturesque image of the desert surroundings, with the use of picture windows placed in the perfect spots in the home.

Native materials

To blend in with the environment, Rick Joy use the native build material, rammed earth, to build his structures. This build material is made by pressing a mixture of selected aggregates such as sand, gravel, a small amount of clay, and silt. This gives the structure a layered look, and the sand color blends perfectly with the desert location.

Frame the scene

Rick Joy has a deep appreciation for the desert and wants his architecture to provide the user a picture of the perfect desert scene. Most of Rick Joy’s work has floor-to-ceiling windows or picture windows that will make the desert a part of the home experience. The windows are placed in the direction of the best view of the surrounding area. They truly help give the user a new appreciation for the desert. With a window that frames a perfect desert horizon, you will learn to see the beauty of your surrounding area.

Another Great Desert Home

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